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Write a VB Program to place three text boxes onto the form at run time. Enter different strings in first and second textbox. On clicking to command button, concatenation of two strings should be displayed in the third text box.

· One min read
Kaustubh Kulkarni
Dim WithEvents text1 As TextBox  
Dim WithEvents text2 As TextBox
Dim WithEvents text3 As TextBox
Dim WithEventscmd As CommandButton

Private Sub Form_Load()
Set cmd = Controls.Add("vb.CommandButton", "cmd")
cmd.Left = 600
cmd.Top = 1000
cmd.Caption = "Concat"
cmd.Visible = True
Set text1 = Controls.Add("vb.textbox", "text1")
text1.Left = 100
text1.Top = 100
text1.Visible = True

Set text2 = Controls.Add("vb.textbox", "text2")
text2.Left = 1500
text2.Top = 100
text2.Visible = True

Set text3 = Controls.Add("vb.textbox", "text3")
text3.Left = 3000
text3.Top = 100
text3.Visible = True
End Sub
Private Sub cmd_click()
text3.Text = text1.Text + text2.Text
End Sub