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Write a VB program to accept the details of product (pno, pname, qty, price totalprice) store it into the database and update the quantity of product having pno is 100. (Don't use Standard Data controls)

· One min read
Kaustubh Kulkarni
Private Sub Command1_Click()  
Dim str As String
str = Text4.Text
If Not InStr(1, "@", str) And Text4.Text <> "" Then
If Not InStr(1, ".", str) Then
MsgBox ("All data validated")
MsgBox ("Email not contain .")
End If
MsgBox ("Email withoun @")
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Text1_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
Print KeyAscii
Select Case Chr(KeyAscii)
Case 0 To 9
MsgBox ("Only Characters are allowed")
KeyAscii = 0
End Select

End Sub

Private Sub Text2_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
If Not IsNumeric(Text2.Text &Chr(KeyAscii)) And Not KeyAscii = 8 Then
MsgBox ("only Numbers are allowed")
KeyAscii = 0 '8 for backspace
End If

End Sub