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How to Get Hosting at FREE / Cheap Price?

· 3 min read
Kaustubh Kulkarni

How to Get Hosting at FREE / Cheap Price?

We know all beginners search for FREE or cheap hosting plans. Let's discuss how to get Cheap Price web hosting and know the reality of FREE web hosting.

What is Webhosting?

Hosting is simply a remote computer we bought to store our site & show to the user when user requests for that.

How to get FREE webhosting?

There are many providers who provide FREE hosting. You may Google to get details of them. For example

Why FREE hosting?

FREE hosting is definitely beneficial but only for beginners. If you are a beginner web developer or a student or intern you should use FREE web hosting in your learning period. of course, if you can pay for hosting then It will be better. But to learn you can use it.

But I will not recommend the FREE hosting to your business site or deployments. Because FREE web hosting providers do not provide reliable connections {Not all}.

Limitations :

  1. Slow
  2. Fixed Bandwidth
  3. Less controls
  4. No full access

But how can we expect things for free?

So simply use FREE hosting for your testing or learning. But You may use paid hosting when you are Going to deploy.

Let's Find a Suitable Paid Plan for you.

Now we will find which paid plan is suitable for you.

There are Multiple service providers as you know . I am NOT going to take any name here. (As I am NOT there affiliate).

Everyone has there pro's and cons.

Some of them are very cost effective , some of them with Good customer support. here choice is yours. But I am going to tell you best thing we can do for our hosting.

When we buy hosting from any provider we get hosting with mostly CPanel as the default management panel.

How the big hosting companies work?

What they exactly do is:

They have VPS (Virtual Private Server). They divide that VPS server into multiple clients.

Like if VPS has 100GB storage they will divide that storage into 10 People. Users will NOT get access to other resources than CPanel.

And for these services, we pay an amount nearly similar to the cost of VPS.

& if we pay amount same as VPS why don't we use our own VPS?

Benifits of VPS

  1. Highly Scalable
  2. NO bandwidth issues
  3. Host unlimited sites
  4. Install favourite OS(operating System)
  5. Configure as you want

Best Providers

There are multiple VPS providers but I will recommend using

DigitalOcean only.

It is very easy to use and scalable. In the next article, we will see how to host your website on DigitalOcean.

Currently, DigitalOcean is providing $100 FREE credits for 2 months on all new account openings. It will be useful for your next learning article. Then why waste?

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